The Shopper Stopper is a free tool to make your self-control stronger. Whether you want to stop shopping late at night, think before you click, or avoid temptation until payday, the Shopper Stopper can help. Now you can choose the opening hours of your favourite online shops, setting the Shopper Stopper to close them at the times when you find shopping hardest to resist.

Our project partner Money and Mental Health Policy Institute have now released the 9-month trial evaluation report and publish a blog about our users' experience and successes during this trial.

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Features and Details


On all the blocked sites, we provide direct links to organisations that can help.

Personalised message

Set the message, quote or statement you want to see, along with a picture or video to help you navigate away from the blocked site

Blocked site

Choose from the top 2400 UK e-commerce sites or block them all with a single click. If it's not there then add your own.

Set Timings

You choose when your favourite online retailers are open.

Add a supporter

To help you stick to your choices you can add a trusted friend or family member who will be able to support and help you with the site you've chosen to block

Browser plugin

A free to download and install a browser plugin that works on Chrome and Firefox, coming soon to Edge.

Our Pricing Plans.

ShopperStopper is completely free to download and use. Please help us out by providing your feedback on the tool!

We love to share our successes, challenges and opportunities with our community. Come join us — and help shape the future of mental health support.

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