Loop is a multi-platform chatbot that helps 3rd sector organisations to collect data and monitor their services and users in real-time.

We use existing technology like SMS and Facebook to allow any and every user to have easy access.

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Features and Details

Customisable interactions

With Loop you can customise the questions asked, and your users can respond using text, image, video or emoji!

Measure outcomes

Monitor project outcomes with real data, making it easy to report back to funders.

Impact in real time

See the impact your services are having on users as they experience it.

On Demand data

The aggregated dashboard shows you all the data being collected. You control when users are asked for comments and thoughts.

Individual customisation

Investigate users returns and create bespoke interventions in the right place and at the right time.

Already with you

We use SMS, Facebook and messaging apps so you don't have to download anything new to add your service users. For everyone no matter their device type.

Our Pricing Plans.

We have a range of cost-effective plans that based on per person, per project. These are bracketed by the type of your organization. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

We love to share our successes, challenges and opportunities with our community. Come join us — and help shape the future of mental health support.

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