Grace is a chatbot, giving users 5 mins/day to reflect, review and learn. You answer questions on confidence, challenges, positivity and usefulness, to understand and nurture your mental wellbeing.

Users' responses are reflected in weekly emails and an online dashboard. Machine learning interprets their answers and guides them to learning opportunities to explore, enabling self-empowerment.

We use SMS, Facebook and Slack making it accessible to anyone. Some of our users have called it a digital cup of tea.

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Features and Details

Uses existing technology

We use existing technology, so you don't have to download anything new to use Grace. It also makes Grace accessible to people who don't own the latest smartphone

Machine Learning

We reference users' qualitative answers and recommend learning opportunities from our knowledge base 'Centred' 

Company Insights

Through anonymised data, we are able to show organisations' employee trends around our core metrics. These can be mapped to KPIs and other recorded data

Data Licence

Grace is only going to work where there is trust. To this end, all users own their data. They can tell us if and when we can use it via a data licence which you can choose to review whenever you wish

On demand messaging

Just say hi to Grace whenever suits and you'll be able to answer the questions in less than 5 mins. We also take an average of your interactions to nudge you when you're most likely to be ready to chat.


A customisable dashboard which, over time, shows trend and behavioural traits which impact most on your daily life

Our clients

Below are a few of the 3rd sector and private companies who use Grace.

Open Data Institute

Bethnal Green Ventures

Money & Mental Health

Impact Hub

Hackney Council

Cambridge House

Our Pricing Plans.

We have a range of cost-effective plans based on per person, per month. These are bracketed by the size of your organization. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

We love to share our successes, challenges and opportunities with our community. Come join us — and help shape the future of mental health support.

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