What is an open web app, which collects information, data and technical support from such organizations as Gov.uk, NHS CHoices, Mind, Money Saving Expert, Shelter, Citizens Advice, Do It and Imin which help support and build our users' mental fitness.

Centred can be used to access your local business, or from debt and budget management.

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Features and Details


Centered uses your location to refine information so only relevant data is available to you

Powered by Open data

We use open data to collate the information around services & support and money management, physical activity and legal rights.

Take the first step

Taking the first step back to work can be very tough. Centred helps you understand your rights and those of your employer so that step becomes easier.

In & out of work support

Information and data to support you in and out of the workplace, to help make sense of issues your facing  

Physical Activity Data

In partnership with Imin, we pull in data from across the capital to give the best picture of activities happening around you


We've partnered with Shelter, Mind, MMPHI, Imin and Citizens Advice to bring the most relevant data for each of our sections to this app 

Our Pricing Plans.

We love to share our successes, challenges and opportunities with our community. Come join us — and help shape the future of mental health support.

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