Plexus: Data-driven support for mental health

By - 18 Nov 2015

Mental health issues are a growing concern in the UK. They affect one in four people and cost the economy about £70bn each year. They are also the cause of 40% of new disability benefit claims each year – the highest recorded in Europe, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Inspired by its work on an OpenHub knowledge platform for the mental health charity Mind, the digital consultancy M/A is looking to help solve this problem by developing a data-driven solution.

With funding and support from the Open Data Institute, M/A has developed Plexus – a web application and knowledge base for people with mental health conditions to help them access support, find routes back into employment and manage their conditions at work.

Plexus is the first application of its kind to pool diverse data from different platforms to provide users with a holistic view of mental health standards and services in their areas, including support networks, employer responsibilities, legal aid and job opportunities.

Plexus depends on the data it uses being open for anyone to access, use and share.

Plexus uses a combination of open data, including data on health care services from Mind’s OpenHub platform and NHS Choices, data on employee rights from GOV.UK and Citizens Advice, and data on job opportunities and advice from National Careers Service.